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Slow Fashion - A Sustainable Choice

Why is organic essential when it comes to what we wear? We are having lots of climate problems. As the world’s second most polluting industry, textiles urgently needs to pull its socks up.

Fast fashion is a big part of the problem, but as well as clothing, the fabrics we choose for our baby clothes, bedding, soft toys and accessories also matter. 

Choosing sustainable textiles not only helps to reduce climate change but also benefits people and nature 

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Do Newborns Have Tears or Sweat?

Do Newborns Have Tears or Sweat?

When a baby is first born, it has a distinctive scream that is specific to this stage in its life. It is a sign of health and vitality and will be heard often by the baby’s parents in the days and weeks following the birth
April 06, 2021 — Melis AY
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Singapore plans to pay $2000 for a newborn baby

The Singapore government has prepared a support scheme to balance the population rate. The decrease in birth rate is becoming a serious problem in Singapore, and the Government are taking serious and comprehensive actions to solve the problem
January 29, 2021 — Melis AY
Relax at Mealtimes and Your Children Will be Less Picky

Relax at Mealtimes and Your Children Will be Less Picky

In an article published by the University of Michigan in 2018, it was revealed that children who were picky about food, generally had parents who were stricter during mealtimes.
October 23, 2020 — Melis AY