Green Spaces Make Clever Kids.
In our era, green areas and forests are becoming fewer day by day. Climate change and global warming affect the balance of nature dramatically.
It's getting more important to leave a green world to our children, the studies clearly show that the environment has a positive impact on children more clearly.

The Impact Of Green Spaces on Schoolchildren in Barcelona.

Doctor Payam Dadvand, who works at the Centre for Research and Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona, has been studying how the environment affects children's brain health for many years.
In 2017, the results of a study by Dr. Payam and his team was published in Science Direct magazine. Between 2012 and 2015, 2,227 7-year-old kids from 39 primary schools in Barcelona were observed by the team.
Throughout these 3 years, researchers checked the kids' school areas and their home environments using satellite footage to learn how much green space surrounded each of them. When the children got to ten years old, the researchers obtained some results by considering the grades of the kids and the opinions of their teachers. 
According to the results, the children with higher contact with green space had better ability to memorise, and their learning abilities were considerably more attentive.
In addition, it showed up that children who play more games in green spaces learn faster and can communicate more comfortably with their environments.

Protecting Green Spaces Also Means Keeping The Kids Intelligent.

As can be seen from the study, protecting green areas is essential to keep the climate in balance, for the prevention of global warming.
We should encourage our children to play in parks and green spaces and provide more fresh air to breathe, rather than spending all their free time online.
In this way, while we offer them an area to play and have fun, we can also support the development of their intelligence and learning abilities.