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The Singapore government has prepared a support scheme to balance the population rate. The decrease in birth rate is becoming a serious problem in Singapore, and the Government are taking serious and comprehensive actions to solve the problem. In order to keep the population rate balanced, the country's birth rate must be 2.1 minimum (per family), but in Singapore, the latest figures show that the rate has dropped to 1.14, which is the lowest recorded rate globally.

Turning the pandemic into an opportunity

According to a recent Government survey, 30% of the participants have postponed getting married and having a baby because of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. People are struggling to envision their future, and are worried about losing their job after the pandemic, with job loss and unemployment currently being a serious problem worldwide. Out of the 4000 people that took part in the survey, 1200 people thought that having a baby would not be affordable due to financial instability during the pandemic. Therefore, they decided to postpone trying for a baby until things were back to normal in their country. A Government minister, Indranee Rajah, recently announced that the Government were preparing a support scheme to encourage couples to start a family by paying $2000 for a new born baby and securing their existing jobs after the pandemic.

The aim is to increase the birth rate to 2.1 by 2030

Indranee Rajah said the Government hoped the scheme would be a success, and stated that it would last until the 30th of September 2022 and would be extended, if necessary, to make the birth rate 2.1.
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