The Benefits Of Playing With Children

Play a game; it is a natural need for children. It also supports the child's psychological, social and mental development. It should be remembered that it’s by encouraging games that children establish their first communication with role play, their healthy development is also encouraged. So what are the benefits of playing with children?

Important For Confidence

Children need play to develop their social, emotional, mental and physical skills. Games provide a suitable environment for children to test their own skills. They teach children how to communicate with other people, help solve children's problems and resolve their internal conflicts. Games are the way to face the fearful, daring and timid demands of real-life that adults cannot teach. Through games, the child learns to live with other people and to think creatively. All this is provided by games, which constitutes an important basis for the child to create a solid future.

Let The Children Use Their Imagination

In the researches of The American Academy Of Pediatrics, Children who play with their family are shown to have a wider imagination and cognitive skills. It is seen that children who play with their mother have a stronger and safer connection with their family, show more positive development, are spiritually healthier, and have stronger relationships with their friends.

Play As A Family

Regardless of your age, it is never too late to play. Games are not just for kids; adults can also play games. The fact that parents play games with their children when they finish work both strengthens the bond between them and is perfect for stress relief after a busy working day. Laughing, relaxing and having fun with your child will also be good for your health. At the same time, the child's self-confidence increases when he/she feels that he/she is cared for. The child gets the feeling that he/she has a place in this world. It is seen that families playing together are more cooperative, supportive and have stronger communication with each other. 

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June 22, 2020 — Tufan Ulkebay