When we decided to set up this company, it was really important to us that it be kind to the planet. Therefore, we chose to use only organic and sustainable fabrics and work solely within the ethical trade. In our business, we aim to stay on the right side of nature. Rather than boosting profit by selling cheap and unsustainable clothing, we will only use 100% organic and sustainable fabrics, thus doing our bit to help the environment and push forward sustainable fashion. 

Sustainable, or slow fashion, is an alternative approach to what is common in the fashion industry today. Fashion is often seen as temporal, with a continuous stream of new goods into the market. This unsustainable approach to fashion is often termed 'fast fashion' and is the complete opposite to our vision of what fashion should be. 

We support sustainable, slow fashion which is not harmful to the Earth, and is much easier to recycle. In addition, we protect the worker's right to get paid a fair wage, which is a widely recognised sustainability standard; for this reason, we can define our brand as ethical.

We are confident that as long as sustainable, slow fashion becomes more popular across the world, it will support the Earth to clean its oceans, forests and sky, thus allowing the sun to shine brighter than we have ever seen it before.

We named our company 'Yoko' which, in Japanese, means 'ocean child' or 'sun child'. We set up our family owned company in 2020 to provide ethical, fair trade, and sustainable clothing and accessories for kids whose parents care about the planet and want to take responsibility for the future of their little loved ones.